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2020 Philippines ClassIn Online Teaching Exhibition Terms and Conditions

Welcome to join in the 2020 Philippines Online Teaching Exhibition Series!

To provide you with better services, please read carefully and fully understand these terms and condition (hereinafter “agreement”) before you sign up.

If you do not agree to this agreement, this website may not provide you with services, and you may choose to cease to use this platform. If you agree to use this platform service, it is regarded as you have fully understood this agreement and agreed to accept this agreement and other related agreement and rules as a party of this agreement.

This agreement is signed by you and ClassIn, and it has legal validity. Both parties in the agreement are referred to as a party. The exhibition organizer ClassIn is referred to as ClassIn. In this agreement, platform refers to the online education platform and the lesson exhibition platform set up by ClassIn.

1. Agreement

1) You should carefully read through and acknowledge the agreement before using this platform service. If you have any questions about this agreement, please contact the exhibition organizer. To submit your lesson recording you should agree to the all terms of the agreement. After you click “I have read and agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions”, this agreement will take effect and have binding force on the both parties.

2) To join in the 2020 online lesson exhibition, when you click to agree and use the services of the platform, the agreement will have binding force on you. You must not claim the agreement is invalid or request the cancellation of this agreement for reasons that you have not read the agreement or you have not obtained answers to your questions.

2. Account

1) When you sign up for the exhibition event, a registered account (phone number) is the only identification for the administrator to confirm your identity, and also it is your verification to use the relevant services of this platform. You confirm that you are a natural person, legal person or other organization having civil rights and civil action ability, and have the ability to take responsibility for every activity using the service on this platform.

2) Your account on the platform is for exclusive use for the user. Unless there are legal regulations or judicial adjustment, it is prohibited to give, transfer, lease, sell or otherwise dispose the account to any third party. You are responsible to keep your account and take legal responsibility for any activity conducted under your registered account.

If you fail to keep your account and cause damage to yourself or the exhibition organizer, you may undertake the responsibilities. If you find a third party uses your account without permission or security breaches occur, you should immediately let the organizer informed, and the organizer will help you out.

3) To facilitate user services by this platform and other organizations (hereinafter “other services”), you may agree and authorize the exhibition organizer to send your information which was obtained when you registered and used the service-to its affiliates or other organizations that may provide you with other services. Also, you may agree and authorize the exhibition organizer or other organizations to obtain your information when you register and use the service.

4) The platform will protect your personal information (it may identify you separately or in combination with other information). Protecting user’s personal information is one of the basic rules of this exhibition series. In the process of using the relevant services of this platform, you may need to provide your personal information (including your name, phone number, location, device information, etc.) so that the platform can provide you with better services and corresponding technical support.

5) You must undertake legal responsibility for your activities in the process of using the services of this platform. Your legal responsibilities include: compensation for victims of infringements; if the exhibition organizer had to undertake the administrative punishment or damages in tort for your activities, you must compensate the exhibition organizer commensurately with all the losses.

6) You understand and agree that the exhibition organizer has the rights to provide your information that you submit to the exhibition organizer or saved on the organizer’s server during the use of the services to the relevant department if necessary. If you violate the legitimate rights of others, the exhibition organizer has the rights to provide your information to the right holder.

3. Platform Service

1) Through the platform provided by the exhibition organizer and its affiliates, users can publish lessons, search lessons, online learning and online teaching, rate and use other information service and technical services on this platform.

2) When users exchange on the platform or use a third party’s services, if there is a transaction or service disputes with a third party, the exhibition organizer is responsible for helping the user and the third party to coordinate and investigate and protect the user’s legitimate rights.

3) Any expense occurred when users use the platform service, such as taxable allowance, hardware, software and service fee, and other expense, will be undertaken by the users.

4. Use of the Platform

1) In the process of using the service of this platform, users accept to comply with these:

ⅰ. All activities implemented in the process of using the services of this platform must comply with the national laws, the regulations and other requirements of this platform. All the activities must not violate public interests or public moral standard, must not harm the legitimate rights and others’ interests, and must not violate this agreement and related rules. If you violate agreements above and cause any legal responsibilities, you should undertake all the responsibilities and ensure that no harm will come to the exhibition organizer.

ⅱ. Users acknowledge and promise; not to publish any videos or information prohibited by national laws and regulations; not to publish videos or information violating a third party’s intellectual property rights or other legal rights; not to publish any information that violates the public interests or public moral standards or the exhibition organizer may consider inappropriate to post on the platform; and not to publish any information violating the law or this agreement and rules.

2) Users understand and agree:

ⅰ. If the national administrative institutions or judicial body deems that you have violated the law or infringement based on to the effective legal documents, or the exhibition organizer deems that you have violated the terms of this agreements or the laws and regulations, the organizer has the rights to cancel your qualification and to publicize the violations and infringement on the platform and its associated websites, and take any measures against you.

ⅱ. The exhibition organizer has the rights to delete any information that violates the law, infringes on the legal rights of others or violates this agreement and/or rules posted by users without notice.

ⅲ. When it comes to any activities which affected this platform and other users, regardless of where it was implemented, the exhibition organizer has the rights to unilaterally judge the user’s activities and whether they violate this agreement and/or rules, and give commensurate penalties.

ⅳ. If your infringement causes damages of any third party, you must undertake all legal responsibilities under your name solely, and ensure that no harm will come to the exhibition organizer.

ⅴ. If your violation of the laws and this agreements cause the exhibition organizer to suffer any loss, or get any compensation claims, or receive administrative punishment, you must compensate the exhibition organizer for all the losses and expenses occurred, including cost for lawyer and etc.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

1) The exhibition organizer sets importance upon the protection of intellectual property rights. The organizer complies with all intellectual property laws, regulations and legally binding documents of the People’s Republic of China. The organizer respects the legitimate rights and interests of copyright owners in accordance with the law. The exhibition organizer firmly opposes to any activities that violate the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China on copyright. The organizer owns copyright and other intellectual property rights for all products, services, content, and every material on this platform under the protection of the law.

2) In terms of all content submitted by users on this platform, including videos, audios, pictures, documents, and all that sort of thing, the exhibition organizer regards the user as the copyright owner of the content, unless the user gets any corresponding notice. By uploading and publishing your content on this platform, it is regarded that you have agreed to grant the exhibition organizer (ClassIn) a transferable non-exclusive license to use for all of the above content, freely and unlimitedly. The exhibition organizer or its authorized third party has the rights to use for all of the above content for other legal purposes, including within or full reproduction, modification, adaptation, translation, promotion, distribution, broadcasting, performance, interpretation, and publication.

3) The service and content on this platform are owned by the exhibition organizer (ClassIn) or other rights holders in accordance with the law, including copyright, trademark right, patent rights, etc. Without written consent of ClassIn or other rights holders, the above content must not be used, modified, copied, transmitted, changed, distributed or published. In case of violation, you agree to undertake all the losses you caused to ClassIn or other rights holders.

6. Liability

1) Users acknowledge that this platform is an information platform. Users need to confirm that they have obtained the consent of the other person (students) in the lesson recording, and acknowledge the recording does not violate the portrait rights of others. Users must carefully check the legality and validity of the submitted videos, and undertake the responsibilities and losses occurring therefrom.

2) The validity, interpretation, modification, execution and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China. If any terms of this agreement conflicts with the laws of the People’s Republic of China, the relevant terms will be revised or re-interpreted in accordance with the legal provision, however the legal effect of the other terms of this agreement will remain unchanged.

3) The event organizer’s non-user, failure to exercise timely or to execute the agreement or other legal rights shall not be regarded as waivers of these rights nor affect the rights of ClassIn.

4) The exhibition organizer reserves the right of final interpretation of the terms of this agreement.